Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lamp

I bought this lamp at my favorite store Park Avenue Thrift for $5.00
I had a wonderful idea in store, but all my thoughts aren't always good thoughts.
 Check out my 5 dollar lamp, the bloopers of it and how I finally brought it back to life!

 Recently in Marshalls,  I saw a collections of lamps that were covered with rope and me being me said
 "I can do that"
 ...or something similar..
West Elm $140

 I bought rope and a bag of clear marbles.

Yes, marbles, :)
When I am in the stores my mind sometimes run wild, and I feel as if I can conquer the world just me and my hot glue gun.

So of course the lamp had to be sprayed

Already looking better!

Then I had this bright idea to add bling to my lamp and make it really chic!

I thought it was cute, but something wasn't right. What I later learned is that the clear marbles were not a very good idea, they were very fragile, I couldn't even turn on the lamp without one falling off.

In the meantime, I got started on the shade and that's where the rope came in.

 I spent hours hot gluing this rope all around the shade until it was completely covered. After so many days and the fail of my chic lamp, I decided to rip the rope off the shade in an attempt to do something else. I didn't think about it....
When I pulled off the rope, because of all the glue I ended up with this furry funky lamp, that I actually love! I love the rugged look of it.

I love how in my errors I actually found something that I love.
So I decided to pull off all the marbles that were left and add this beauty to the living room.

It look great there, until I come up with something else to do, who knows.... Never quite finished.