Sunday, February 24, 2013

Move Out or Move Up

Have you ever watched that show called “Hoarders”?
No, I am not a hoarder, at least I don’t think that I am. but I sometimes feel that way when I don’t have things in a proper place.

That’s what I was taught as a child, that everything in your home should have somewhere to live, if it doesn’t than that may mean that you have too much. I say may because you could just lack organization.

I am the latter. Yes I can get rid of some things, but I will save that for spring. I have been planning a yard sale for about 2 years now…… no comment on the 2 years but know that 2013 yard sale is on my to do list!

I will like to think that we all have a junk drawer in our home. But I have started to accumulate so many things recently that I have some junk drawers, cabinets, shelves, corners and closets. And it is driving me insane!!!!!

What I hate so much is knowing that I have something and can’t find it. 
Buying repeat items, and then finding what I was looking for in the 1st place.  I now have 4 staple guns,  due to the fact that I couldn’t find the 1st one and then the 2nd one and so forth. This is how my life has become, and it is all because of one closet in my home.

This closet is suppose to be my guest room/office closet. But it has turned into a place to store out of season clothes, documents for our family, holiday decorations, photography equipment, dine and design project stuff, out of season linens, comforters, and curtains, old boxes from things that we have bought, for some reason my husband like to keep these, and maybe so much more. As you can see I can no longer get in there.

Until recently I didn’t have any idea what to do or how to start. And then it dawned on me. 
“I have an ATTIC”. 
Isn't this what attics are used for? To store stuff. 
Note: We have been living here for almost 3 years and I never been up there into a few days ago. 

This upstairs haven is right here in my hallway and I never thought of storing things here. All I would do every time I pass is hit the hanging string when I walk under, to make the plastic end pop against the wood, for some reason I like that sound. Something that I did when I was living in my moms home also. Some kind of OCD I guess.

 I finally went up there, and was so impressed with what I saw, I grabbed my camera.

Most attics don’t have the flooring in it already, but our does!! A perfect place for storage! Look at all that unused space, waiting and ready.

Because of high ceilings in our living room and master bedroom, some space up there is unusable.

But I can and will work with what I have!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Up close, Personal and 32!

Thirty-2, birthdays….. that’s how many I have had to date.
The older that I get and the more that I learn about life, the more I start to value the time we have here on this earth.  I have experienced a lot of pain and happiness, scary stuff and glorious overcomes in this life, and I am happy to experience more as hours, days and years become memories. I wouldn’t say that I am ready to meet my Heavenly Father, but as I draw closer to the thoughts of possibly leaving this earth, I have to say that if I go I will be happy with the things that I have already done, but I know that God has so much in store for me, that he want me to experience and share so…… 

“Cheers to 32 years and many many more to come!!!!”

Thankful and blessed to share this day with my closest friends and family! Each year I try to do something different unique and or new, so therefore this year we had a dinner party at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant. It wasn’t new to me but it was new to all that came.

Photo shoot in the hallway while waiting on our table was so fun!! 

Yes I know, thats my twin!! My mother.

My Bff, carrying my God daughter  “Bella”

My brother "the producer”

The greatest gifts of all my two girls.

My father, my foundation!

My husband , my rock!

I am happy to say that everyone enjoyed the food, it was different and it was delicious! 
Cheesecake, Cupcakes, and gifts oh my!! 
Sweets, Jewerly, Nail polish, Flowers, Books and Clothes-YES!! 
These guys know me to the “T".
So much so that my friends got me 3 more things off my list.
I love these guys, I couldn’t have asked for a better set of friends and family.
 God has truly blessed me.

 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 
Colossians 3:12-14

Dancing with my favorite guy, wrapped up the night. Happiness! 
Until I saw this post the next morning from one of friends.

That just made my day,
to know that on the outside looking in is as great as being in it yourself! If that make any sense at all. Simply to say that it is great to know that what my friends see on the outside of my life is a pretty reflection on what my life is truly like.

After a night with family and friends my husband and I retreated to one of the best Hotels in Atlanta. The Westin on Peachtree St. 

While preparing to hit the downtown streets of Atlanta, there was one more give in store for me,
a horse and carriage ride. Fit for a 32 year old Queen if I should say so myself.

And waking up to this……

No need to exaggerate this was the best best birthday I have experienced in a long time. Besides the slumber party I had when I turned 10, now that was out of this world.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cost to remodel my small bath

Happy Tuesday!!

Today I am going to give you the breakdown cost of my bathroom redo, and where my items were found.
There truly wasn’t a budget set for this redo. My husband was surprised as much as myself that we went all out! As mentioned before all he wanted to do was the flooring as my christmas gift. But with all of my excitement, we kicked it up another notch, as I usually do.

Dollar Store is a great store. I found this rug and a clock for my bathroom there. I never want to spend to much for items such as theses, cause I know that I tend to change my mind often.

I love how the dried plants add so much texture to the bathroom ,with ease. I wish that I had a green thumb, and I have been working on trying to develop one, but it hasn’t kicked in yet, until then, dried and artificial plants, and flowers are my friends.

Can you believe that this shower rod was the 3rd costly item for this redo???
I was shocked and surprised that a shower rod can cost me $40.00!! I purchased it anyway just to see what it is all about and shop around to see if maybe I can purchase one cheaper. I decided to keep it. It is that rounded shower rob that give more elbow room, so it is worth the money.

I just had to have this pitcher, I think it is my favorite item in here, next to the tile floors that is next to the vanity redo, that is next to the hour glass……

This frame was on clearance for $5.00 at Marshalls, it was already this color and perfect. Even though it is the only yellow item in here, I love how well it fit in. I put a picture of my family and I from our 2012 summer shoot. Don’t feel uncomfortable we will stay turned around while you take a rest.

The only thing that I purchased here was the artificial plants, for $1.00 at the dollar store. The greenery was actually a garland that I cut into 4 separate pieces and stuffed into these planters, that I had from my “Can I give myself a green thumb?” days.

The clock is a wall filler,  and a cute one at that. 
The most expensive item for this redo is my oh so beautiful light. So much better than that contractors vanity light, which made me think that the previous owners, didn’t have much time for upgrades. My home was built in 1981 and nothing was ever updated before we moved here.

I have a thing for an hourglass, which is funny because this is my very 1st one. But I have always loved them, since I was a young child. I remember always flipping them over and watching and watching until all the sand filled the bottom and fill it again. Now that I have one, I don’t think that the sand sit still for to long because between myself, daughter and husband, it is forever in motion.

This is shopping in the clearance at it’s best. A simple, cheap, update that can make the world of a difference.

Molding to top off my wallpaper beadboard. The molding has a little edge on top to give me the ability to put small things on it. When I went back to the store to get more, the man that was assisting me informed me that this molding is a brick molding that is suppose to be used for the exterior, ..oh well, I love it here, inside where I can enjoy it more.

The beadboard wallpaper was purchased on clearance also. The rolls were open, I assume from a return, so I was able to purchase one for $5 and another for $6. They are priced at 15.00 a roll!!

Floor n’ Decor is the store that we purchased our tile, as well as the store where my husband and I met. 
There is sentimental value in these floors :)

And there it is a $252.00 bathroom redo!

Items included in the total but not pictures are..
Toilet repair and replace
Cabinet Lining
Shower Lining 

other items that are not mentioned in this breakdown are items that we already had left over from other projects, or just laying around the house.
So don’t be afraid to reuse, and repurpose items that you may think are no longer useful! Until next time…