Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 Days till Christmas (Tour)

Christmas is not like it use to be when I was growing up, it use to take FOREVER to come, but now it is literally right around the corner. 

Do you realize that Christmas 2012 is only 370 days away?!?!?!

My Red and Gold Christmas!

What are your colors this year?


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I heart glass jars

Tackling the  previous unsuccessful tackle! 

I finally got the courage to go ahead and take care of this mess!
 This is the basket that I use to keep my girls hair supplies!
A mess it was, hair bows were everywhere there was no order...

Then I thought of this clever idea to use ziplock bags to store all the ribbons, bands, snaps and beads...
The ziplock bags were great in the beginning, but then I had to shuffle through the mess to find exactly what I was looking for ("red snaps,red snaps,red snaps,red snaps,red snaps....uggggh")
Then the bags started to rip and when I pulled them out the basket, beads and bows would fly all over the place, making this hair combing task a lot more daunting than it already is, being that my daughter screams like I have a knife in my hand instead of a comb!

Hair products, stained the basket liner...thankful it can be washed!

My new organizers!

Yes Really!..... 
I buy jarred spaghetti sauce ( and they make GREAT storage containers) 
Sorry Mom..... :(

I used the windex to soften the glue , and then let the jars soak in soapy hot water 

Then I used some left over chalkboard paint from a previous project , to paint my lids..

I feel So Organized! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
What have you repurposed lately?


Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Autumn

Seasons are changing and so is the decor! 

It's looking like fall around here!
So close to Christmas......

The wreath I got from my mom; who had it forever....
 I just wrapped a garland of leaves around it, no glue required!
 The garland is actually one of my props used in photos.

My entry table is packed for fall!
I already had the "S" which I repainted,
Everything in the glass container were left overs from last years fall photo shoot, and of course my dried roses that are usually in the glass alone..
I found the "Welcome" at the Dollar Store for 3 dollars
and the lil pumpkin that says "Give Thanks: for 1dollar
I did add a few pumpkins in my yellow bin...
Found these pumpkins at Michaels for 1.50 each

 And the entry chair got a cute pumpkin also
Michaels 3dollars

So my overall entry fall redo : 11.50 dollars Bang! 
Not too cluttered, just simple and cheap, how I like it!

The Mantel! 
Another garland, gave the foundation 6 dollars.
Yes that is the same wreath from the front door, I am trying to see if I like it here or there...
Pumpkins from Michaels 9 dollars 
Everything else I already had!
Yes that is a glass with Black Eyed Peas, lol I love the colors and the mysterious look of it.
Mantel fall redo 15.00 dollars
I love this time of the year, the colors are so pretty and the weather is Perfect! 
To bad winter is right around the corner...
 Over all Fall redo 26.50 dollars 

Fall Pictures with my girls PRICELESS! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Around the room....

A few changes have been made, and a lot of ideas have been spewing here lately!  So much so that I have neglected you guys... Sorry!!

I am going to take you on a mini- tour around the bedroom, check it out!


 Yep, this is the bedroom, I am pleased for now, but still want to make more changes!
1. I want to change the carpet out for hardwood
2. I will love to have a headboard one
3. I am working on window treatments
4. I am always thinking of something to put on these walls (art work)

But hey have you noticed the things that I have done, in here? 
Well lets take a closer look!

 This was the main SHA-BANG! My new light!! This Chandelier has really brought a lot of light and style to the room, I must say!
I love it and she only cost me $4... REMEMBER?
or maybe you remember this?

If not go and check those post out.!
If you have already...... I love you!

The wonderful color of blue has introduced its way into my bedroom.  I really like how the blue compliment the yellow room.

 I almost cant believe the transformation of these night tables...
Before and After Here

Found this leaning mirror at my all time favorite store.
Marshalls!!! For only 100 dollars (love)

Remember I said that I will love to get rid of my box tv and have a flat screen here, well needless to say I only had to mention that to the the hubby once....

My friend said that she LOVED this lamp.. one of my DIY projects that I never wrote about, because I just didn't feel that great about it, so I decided to share it !
I will  post before and after pictures of this lamp .. and maybe even finish it too (ha-ha!)

I do love the rugged look of the shade, but was very IF'ie about it.

My retro clock is a favorite that I found at....You guessed it MARSHALLS
for only 4 dollars!

This is the rug that sit at the foot of my bed, I love the colors and texture that it bring into the space.

This side of the room really dont get a lot of attention, but that bench does, it has gotten so may make overs , I cant count...

Well did you enjoy your mini-tour today?
I think that we are heading in the right direction, with this space, hopefully my list will grow a bit smaller before the year end.