Monday, January 28, 2013

Tiny Bathroom Reveal

Finally!!! Yeaaa!! The tiny bathroom is done!

But I may still change the shower curtains, if I ever bump into the ones that I am looking for. 

But here it is much better than before and I love every inch of it.

Now for some afters and befores…

This has been a quite post. But I am happy to bring it to you today! I hope that you also enjoyed my transition.

What do you think?


A clients chair redo was also successful!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bathroom Vanity Redo

This is the new flooring in my tiny bathroom! 
I always wanted travertine in my home. I learned about this natural stone, while working at a flooring company in my early 20’s.
This is also where I met my husband.
During this time we were pretty good friends. I always told him how much I loved this stone, and he always said that I will have it in my home and he will be happy to lay it for me.
Fast forward, about 8 years later here in 2013, we have been married for 6 years, purchased our first home and he laid that travertine that I was so gaga about. Life is funny like that!

So with a new floor, I then started on the vanity.  My husband thought that this was just a floor job. ”silly rabbit” 
A redo or just a good ole’ clean up was truly needed. The liner that you see, still rolled and in its package has been there for several months, but now is the time!

 Yuck!! Talk about neglect!

After cleaning, I them removed the doors and painted, with some paint that I had left over from my patio furniture redo.

Looking better already. Laid the lining down and then I cut around the water lines so that the lining can lay flat. No need for it to be perfect, it is in the back of the cabinet, so who is going to be back there?

These are the knobs that I decided to use, they are also made out of some type of stone. They are very heavy and beautiful. I found them at Marshall’s years ago. The missing ones are currently in my master bathroom.
This is how they looked before I painted them white.

After throwing away and reorganizing, I was then able to put the needed items back.

Framed mirrors are the best and I can’t think of any other way to complete the new vanity!

All smiles for the guy who felt that I set him up with this bathroom redo. I am not sure why he thought that all he will be doing is laying tile. But he is very happy to do more as you can see. At least I hope. :)

I love the way this is going! Did you get a glimpse of my new light fixture?

Check back for more updates!! 


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hold the "GOLD PHONE”

I always loved this picture of my daughter which was taken at Macy’s I believe 2 years ago.
She look so cute and that gold phone is fabulous, isn’t it?

 Which is why when I bumped into this phone, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.
I just recently made a few changes in my hallway, and this is where the phone will live.
I found this phone at a thrift store here in Woodstock and it only cost me a whopping $2.11.

I wasn’t really concerned if it worked, because really who use landlines, anyway?

 Found the paint at Hobby Lobby for $6.00 the paint cost more than the phone?!?
What?!?!? “Hold the GOLD phone”!!

I sprayed this phone fully twice, I will admit that this was not the best spray paint job I have done, but it came out pretty good. I am really considering doing a gold leaf treatment. We shall see how this hold up.        

“Gold all in my phone"

In other news the bathroom light was also replaced.

Yeaaaaa!!!  Check back for more updates!


Monday, January 7, 2013

7 days in and I am now screaming
 “Happy New Year”!!!! 
I am wishing you, a happy, healthy and prosperous year for 2013!

I was asked if I received some of the things off my Christmas Wish List, and I am proud to say YES!! 
I was blessed to receive 2 of the things that I wished for.
I received, nail polish and 2 necklaces with camera charms.
Check it out!!

I love my gifts!
 I was also surprised to see a small pretty wrapped box under the tree for ME!
First, I was happy that my husband did learn something from my gift wrapping tutorial, there was even a bow on it. I would have taken a picture, but the excitement got the best of me.
Second, I was excited cause you know what a little square box mean……. JEWELRY!!!
While ripping the paper I was visualizing me rocking a new pair of earrings, or a ring, or a necklace, or a watch…..
With a huge smile on my face I was greeted with a gift card?!??!?
With questioning eyes I looked at my husband a little disappointed and he quickly stated that it was to redo the bathroom!!
The excitement that I first experienced before the confusion quickly came back and doubled over!!
 I love LOVE redecorating, especially my own home. 
I even think I love to redecorate more than receiving jewelry.
So here we go!
 This is a picture of our bath not long after we moved in, all that was added was the rug and shower curtain. Needless to say these items did nothing for this room up against that wallpaper.

That wallpaper was so horrible that we quickly painted this space, and let me tell you, paint can make the world of a difference.

Just by paint alone, it made the rug and shower curtain look like they belonged in here.
Paint is a quick fix and will not break the bank. This room maybe cost me $20-30 to paint. If that.
I can’t remember, cause we like to shop the “OOPS paint at Home Depot and Lowe’s, all that simply is- is paint that someone mixed but later decided that they didn’t want, the paint is perfectly fine. You can sometimes find whole gallons for as little as $5.00 and if you are really lucky you may just find the color you want or a color that you can fall in love with.
So defiantly check out the “Oops” paint next time you are there, and tell them that “Simone sent you"!
Be warned that-that will not get you a discount or anything.
 I just always wanted to say that, and the clerk may look at you weird too.

So the toilet has been removed and this is what we found… That area that hadn’t been painted, left traces of the past, not one, not two, not even 3, but 4 wall coverings, now that is a shame. No one had the nerves to remove the 1st wallpaper, not even us. 

Maybe one day I will build the courage to bring this wall back to its roots, but not today. And we are moving forward and breaking ground!


And I am so excited!! 
Check back for updates.

(P.S. I want to apologize for the horrible pictures on this post I have been lazy about buying batteries for my flash.)