Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Tens and a few ones.

Hello D&D!!!!
How is your world?
My world? It is great, to God be the glory!!

I have to share with you the best 30 something dollars that I have ever spent in my life!

Strolling down target aisles, I came across something that I needed desperately.  I didn’t know that I needed it, it just wasn’t something on my mind of  “Things Simone Need” until I found myself putting it in my buggy.  Still hesitant I got home, put it together, then at that magical moment my world changed!

And it only cost me 3 Tens and a few ones (30 something dollars).

Yes! I can see the puzzled look on your faces, but that’s ok, this shoe rack has rocked my world and I am not ashamed!

I am not ashamed now to show you this…. 

My daughter’s closet. 
Ida even tried to organize by putting the boots on the right and all the others on the left. 
A lot of time is spent in the mornings looking for the right shoes to wear or sometimes just a matching set!
It can get really serious. But not anymore!

The girls really jumped in to assist with this shoe tackling project! At the end of it all we ended up with a large bag of shoes that my girls can no longer fit.

But most of all, we ended up with an organized closet.
Just like that! 
Putting this shoe rack together was as simple as LEFT, RIGHT LEFT. Literally!
No tools needed!

This project took about 30 minutes at the most, and most of that was organizing the shoes!

Look at what, 30 minutes and 30 dollars can do for you!

I was so inspired that I decided to give my shoes a better home also!

Ahhh, its the little things.

In other news, I will like to give a round of applause to my husband’s soccer team, they played a wonderful game last weekend!

He really thought he was something with his very own fans and paparazzi!
And Ida lost another tooth! She is really growing up, my baby…

Until next time D&D,


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sharing is Caring

When I see some of my husband’s family or friends after it has been a while, they always greet me with a simple
 and give me a warm embrace. 

Well my fellow D&D’s…. “Long Time” with a warm cyber hug!

 I thought that it would be nice to share with you a few things that give me warmth.
The feeling of being home.

Simply said…I’ve had this sign for - forever, thought about putting it a garage sale a few times but could never let it go.
 I collect empty frames and kind of scatter them around the house. I love them sitting in corners. I just think that they look interesting. 
Not all of my frames are empty, 
My daughters art work from school are displayed throughout the home.
She love to see her work on display!

I enjoy putting my dead roses in this glass jar, that sit on my mantel.

For some reason this is the only mask that my children aren’t afraid of, so because of that alone this is my favorite.

My “Treasure Chest”, at least thats what my daughters call it. This sits on top of my vanity in the bathroom. It holds all kinds of goodies, deodorant, lotions, perfumes and toothpaste. I hate clutter, so everything go back in here after use. I don’t like these things to be visible.

I love this tray. It is glass and so beautiful. This also sit on top of my vanity, for the most used perfumes and jewelry only.
I loved this little clock so much that I bought it broken. I had plans to fix it, but never got around it. This     little clock sit on my side table beside my bed. I love vintage things (look-a-likes), especially when they are updated with bright colors. 

Vintage is my favorite! 
Meanwhile, outside my home, I enjoy going to this awesome flea market here in Woodstock!
Woodstock Market l 5500 Bells Ferry Road, Suite A l Acworth, GA 30101 l 770.517.7771
Isn’t this vanity awesome, which was once a door. 
This is so creative and did you notice that light switch.

Cool display of old license plates.

It there was space I would love to have this in my home, in my daughter’s playroom.

Coffee table? Yes, I would love this on my back porch. My kids are to small to have this in my living room, but it would be lovely.

A wooded ironing board? Who would have thought.

As you can see you can find anything at the Woodstock Market.
 In its original condition or refurbished.  You might even find me there.
Until the next time…..

 With Love, Simone