Monday, June 24, 2013


Here we are again trying to figure out what to do in our kitchen.

In the previous post I shared with you that we purchased an cabinet to use in the kitchen for extra storage!

We bought it from Goodwill for a really great price, but it was missing shelves.

In our search to purchase shelves, we found that we maybe over our budget, so to date this is how the cabinet look…..

We are still trying to figure out what to do, I really want glass but may have to use wood. We shall see what happens. I will keep you posted!

I am still attempting to make my kitchen more friendly and pleasant so I decided to start on my spice cabinet!

While in Dollar Tree, I bumped into these awesome shakers! 

They are called Cheese Shakers, but I used them for everything!

I transferred all my spices into these pretty glass $1.00 jars, and Boom Chicka Boom Boom, my cabinets were transformed!!! 

Doesn’t that look so much better! 

Simple, cheap and fantastic! Just like that!

Another simple and cheap way to organize without breaking the bank! 

Now if I can successfully print on these labels then I will not have to do a sniff and taste test every time I cook.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


2:45 am
Thats what time it is here, on my side of the world.  For some reason or another I was awaken in my perfect sleep, without the ability to return.
In my thoughts were so much, and D&D was one of them.

I started this blog because I was told so much that I had all this great talent. Friends and family members  that visited my apartment and home were always amazed at the decorations, and I found myself answering questions that I didn’t know to much about myself. I was just a wing it girl- but from the response, I soon began to realize that I was kinda good at winging it.

In July 2010 we moved out of my mother’s home into our 1st house. As new proud home owners, we wanted to do whatever we could do, to make our new home truly ours.  So of course we started with the simple things, furniture placement and paint colors.

Friends and family members were visiting here and there to help us celebrate our new accomplishment. During those visit we received a lot of attention again, on the decoration style and choices. In the mist of decorating, visits, and photography. I just started putting them together and thats when this blog was created.

After high school I studied photography for a bit. Leaving college after only 2 years, I decided to start my own small photography business, Enfinity Photos.  I was photographing friends family and a few strangers here and there. I was doing intimate weddings, graduations, small parties, church events, as well as personal portraits. I was also doing family photos and pregnancy photos. And now this.  My photography business is small but very consistent through out the whole year.

I never knew there that was a such thing as blogging, until I came across Censational Girl some years ago. I believe I was using google to search for an idea and there she was. I was so so amazed that I to started this blog in light to hopefully share with the world my talent, the talent that all those friends and family kept telling  me that I had (have). I didn’t realize that so many people find it to be a challenge in color selection, furniture placement and organizing skills. Things that I learned were so natural for me.

During this short time of blogging. I started to visit people’s homes, giving advice about this and that. i was given small jobs here and there. I was asked to accompany them to home decor stores to assist in flooring selections and paint colors. ME?!?!? all because of the smalls projects that I was doing in this blog.

So there you have it. I considered myself a new blogger! I dreamed and thought blogging all day long. I dreamed about what to design next, what to photography next, how to share with new people and how to get a larger audience. I wanted to started earning money from my blogging like I learned that so many other BIG TIME bloggers do. (still trying to do this-not very successful ) Just when everything was starting to turn around and I was receiving more and more visits, I started to lose content to put up and things to blog about.

During this time, I was also taking real-estate classes. The classes were fine but I found myself in a pickle trying to pass the state exam. Studying day and night for over a year found me found me in a state of depression, because I wasn’t able to pass the state test. Thats when I slowly drifted from blogging, but never to far from my daily thoughts.

After kicking myself over and over again, I decided again that blogging was my outlet. My outlet to do what I love ad share with my growing audience. I tried to get more organized and started to plan what to blog about. I decided to post every Monday. I also had a calendar drawn up of all my up coming post. There I was blogging away, staying on schedule and making it simple. With the consistent  post I gained a few fellow blogger followers, which I was ecstatic about. I was moving in the right direction.

Around January of this year I was asked to become the “Beautification Coordinator” at my church.  After declining several times. I was asked again and there I found myself on a new avenue. I was equipped with great ideas, and a small team, but an even smaller actually no budget. So the best way to design with a zero budget was to do virtual designs. After presenting my ideas, I was then asked to create a budget for my ministry. With not a clue on how to do that I found myself in a weird space.  They were excited and I was confused.

But this spring something really weird happen. I finally passed my state test!!! My photography business was booming majorly, and I was given a large project at the church along with the funds. I was in a whirlwind of happiness. I was feeling like I finally made it, but where did I make it? Was I now a real estate agent, or designer, or photographer?  I am all 3 but can I truly be all 3? Along with being a wife and mother, and of course a blogger?

So thats why I here, at now 3:37am writing to you, cause I am actually lost. Lost in this whirlwind, trying to get grounded again. Once all the things that I have been working so hard for finally came to me…I have a feeling of being lost??????

Well until next time, thanks for allowing me to ramble on and on. I will love to hear from you, maybe you can be my guide.

Sorry for any typos, it is still very early.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Calendar Madness

Hey guys,

Finally, a new post.  I am so so sorry for slacking on my D&D post for the past month, but a lot of things has occurred that caused me to drop the ball.
I want to go back to posting every week but I can’t guarantee it, I will try my best ok? still friends?
Yes!! I knew that you will understand!

Even though I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing… So we will get to the new things as they come up, but lets take a look back down memory lane, shall we?

Remember the post about my parents fireplace? Well I am here to update you!!

This is the fireplace before my husband and I started on it.

And here it is after, Remember that my mom wanted to use the same slate that she used in her kitchen redo. So this is how it turned out!

You may be wondering who is Sinyan Flooring…well that is US! My husband is a contractor and he is the tile guy. He has been for so many years! I just decided that I should start acknowledging that we also have a tile business, and that all these projects aren’t just for us, but they can be for you also!!!

So I will start sharing all of the wonderful work that we do together, as well as the work that my husband do for his customers. I think that it will be oh so fun!

Now for a little of the new stuff…..

My husband sent me this picture from out local Goodwill, asking me if I wanted it!!! Of Course I was jumping up and down, in excitement!! YES YES YES!

So he brought it home……

This wall is blank, so the new piece will be perfect for additional storage.

This is all the storage I have in my kitchen, along with a huge blank wall.

So here it is, in that space ready to be painted and filled with dishes!

We or should I say I was so full of excitement, but soon ran into a problem,
“Who knew that replacing glass shelving was crazy expensive"……grrrr

So that now explains why this beautiful piece was only $40.00

Stay posted to see what happen……. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Secrets Out…Jewerly Drawer

I went to the dollar store to fix my jewelry drawer. A quick, cheap and easy fix.

This was my drawer. I am not a big jewelry person at all. You can see there really isn’t much care that went into my jewelry. Whenever I wanted to add a piece to what I was wearing, I will usually buy something new, and then it will get lost in here.
A waste of time and money.
So I have decided to try at saving that time and using that money somewhere else!
Starting here in this little drawer.
Maybe I can invest more money in more beautiful pieces instead of my usual costume jewelry.

A pen started leaking here, unknown for some time and this is what happened to my recently purchased watch. I have tried to clean it but can’t removed the ink without damaging the look of the watch, so this one reason for the change and clean-up.

Gift wrapping paper from Home Goods $3.00
Silver Trays from the Dollar Store $2.00 ($1.00 each)
Double sided sticky pads from the Dollar Store $1.00
Set of 4 glass bowls $2.00 ($1.00 each)

Total: $8.00

After I cleaned out the drawer and threw away a lot of damaged pieces.
I used the sticky pads to each corner of the drawer to hold the paper in place.  Then I was able to organize the drawer.

I also added the sticky pads to the bottom of the trays , and the glass bowls, so that when I open and close the drawers everything will stay in place and not slide with the movement of the drawers.

And in just under an hour and $10.00 dollars I had this! 

I will admit, I kept going back and forth looking at it…. opening and closing the drawers to make sure nothing was flying out of place, and I am proud to say, every time, everything stayed in its place. A beautiful beginning!

Monday, March 4, 2013

My 1st House Love

I love my childhood home.
I am sure that we ALL do, because being home is like no other feeling in the world, right?……
But I am actually in love with my childhood home.

In Love. 

I love everything about it. The location, the square footage, the yard space. It is the perfect 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick home.  My parents have been living there for well over 10 years and many renovations have taken place.

One of the largest renovations was when they decided to have the kitchen gutted a few years back. They installed slate flooring in the kitchen and had tons of it left over.
With that slate they asked my husband and I to redo their fireplace.

Here it is. Full brick, from the floor to the ceiling with that white wood banister.  On each side is glass shelves, with mirror backing. Before snapping these pictures they had actually just put this TV up, And if you can see on the bottom flooring of the fireplace you will see the slate pieces that were used in the kitchen. They are 12x12 and very beautiful. 

Inside this fireplace we have had many warm fires. I remember one winter there was a city wide snow storm that left us with no electricity for a few days. This fireplace was our main heat source. We thought it was the end of the world to not have power, but looking back on the memories these are the ones that I remember and enjoyed the most. Our family all cuddled in this one space, trying to keep warm together and make it through the storm.
And here is my husband preparing the brick for its redo.

My mother didn’t want to just lay the 12x12 tile on the fireplace. There was a commercial that she had been seeing on TV, a commercial about soap, cereal, makeup or something…. but the look for the fireplace was in the background of this commercial. Do you know how many commercials there are on TV?  So there we were on YouTube, trying to find this commercial that she had seen. To our luck we found it! I don’t remember the commercial now, but here is a picture of the look she was going for.

google search
You may have even seen that commercial…..
My husband and I then had to come up with a plan to

” Use what we had to get what we want.”

So we then took all of those 12x12 pieces and took a hammer to them to break them up. Then we (my husband) started to place them on the fireplace randomly here and there, until it was completed.
This is how it turned out, right before grouting it.

Isn’t it beautiful. You all should know by now that I have a thing for natural stone, and this stone is one of my favorites, so natural, so beautiful, so true. Each piece is like a fingerprint, and that in it self is "Amazingly Wonderful”.

 Check back for the finished look and I may even sneak in a little house tour.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Move Out or Move Up

Have you ever watched that show called “Hoarders”?
No, I am not a hoarder, at least I don’t think that I am. but I sometimes feel that way when I don’t have things in a proper place.

That’s what I was taught as a child, that everything in your home should have somewhere to live, if it doesn’t than that may mean that you have too much. I say may because you could just lack organization.

I am the latter. Yes I can get rid of some things, but I will save that for spring. I have been planning a yard sale for about 2 years now…… no comment on the 2 years but know that 2013 yard sale is on my to do list!

I will like to think that we all have a junk drawer in our home. But I have started to accumulate so many things recently that I have some junk drawers, cabinets, shelves, corners and closets. And it is driving me insane!!!!!

What I hate so much is knowing that I have something and can’t find it. 
Buying repeat items, and then finding what I was looking for in the 1st place.  I now have 4 staple guns,  due to the fact that I couldn’t find the 1st one and then the 2nd one and so forth. This is how my life has become, and it is all because of one closet in my home.

This closet is suppose to be my guest room/office closet. But it has turned into a place to store out of season clothes, documents for our family, holiday decorations, photography equipment, dine and design project stuff, out of season linens, comforters, and curtains, old boxes from things that we have bought, for some reason my husband like to keep these, and maybe so much more. As you can see I can no longer get in there.

Until recently I didn’t have any idea what to do or how to start. And then it dawned on me. 
“I have an ATTIC”. 
Isn't this what attics are used for? To store stuff. 
Note: We have been living here for almost 3 years and I never been up there into a few days ago. 

This upstairs haven is right here in my hallway and I never thought of storing things here. All I would do every time I pass is hit the hanging string when I walk under, to make the plastic end pop against the wood, for some reason I like that sound. Something that I did when I was living in my moms home also. Some kind of OCD I guess.

 I finally went up there, and was so impressed with what I saw, I grabbed my camera.

Most attics don’t have the flooring in it already, but our does!! A perfect place for storage! Look at all that unused space, waiting and ready.

Because of high ceilings in our living room and master bedroom, some space up there is unusable.

But I can and will work with what I have!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Up close, Personal and 32!

Thirty-2, birthdays….. that’s how many I have had to date.
The older that I get and the more that I learn about life, the more I start to value the time we have here on this earth.  I have experienced a lot of pain and happiness, scary stuff and glorious overcomes in this life, and I am happy to experience more as hours, days and years become memories. I wouldn’t say that I am ready to meet my Heavenly Father, but as I draw closer to the thoughts of possibly leaving this earth, I have to say that if I go I will be happy with the things that I have already done, but I know that God has so much in store for me, that he want me to experience and share so…… 

“Cheers to 32 years and many many more to come!!!!”

Thankful and blessed to share this day with my closest friends and family! Each year I try to do something different unique and or new, so therefore this year we had a dinner party at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant. It wasn’t new to me but it was new to all that came.

Photo shoot in the hallway while waiting on our table was so fun!! 

Yes I know, thats my twin!! My mother.

My Bff, carrying my God daughter  “Bella”

My brother "the producer”

The greatest gifts of all my two girls.

My father, my foundation!

My husband , my rock!

I am happy to say that everyone enjoyed the food, it was different and it was delicious! 
Cheesecake, Cupcakes, and gifts oh my!! 
Sweets, Jewerly, Nail polish, Flowers, Books and Clothes-YES!! 
These guys know me to the “T".
So much so that my friends got me 3 more things off my list.
I love these guys, I couldn’t have asked for a better set of friends and family.
 God has truly blessed me.

 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. 
Colossians 3:12-14

Dancing with my favorite guy, wrapped up the night. Happiness! 
Until I saw this post the next morning from one of friends.

That just made my day,
to know that on the outside looking in is as great as being in it yourself! If that make any sense at all. Simply to say that it is great to know that what my friends see on the outside of my life is a pretty reflection on what my life is truly like.

After a night with family and friends my husband and I retreated to one of the best Hotels in Atlanta. The Westin on Peachtree St. 

While preparing to hit the downtown streets of Atlanta, there was one more give in store for me,
a horse and carriage ride. Fit for a 32 year old Queen if I should say so myself.

And waking up to this……

No need to exaggerate this was the best best birthday I have experienced in a long time. Besides the slumber party I had when I turned 10, now that was out of this world.