Monday, May 6, 2013

Calendar Madness

Hey guys,

Finally, a new post.  I am so so sorry for slacking on my D&D post for the past month, but a lot of things has occurred that caused me to drop the ball.
I want to go back to posting every week but I can’t guarantee it, I will try my best ok? still friends?
Yes!! I knew that you will understand!

Even though I haven’t been posting, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing… So we will get to the new things as they come up, but lets take a look back down memory lane, shall we?

Remember the post about my parents fireplace? Well I am here to update you!!

This is the fireplace before my husband and I started on it.

And here it is after, Remember that my mom wanted to use the same slate that she used in her kitchen redo. So this is how it turned out!

You may be wondering who is Sinyan Flooring…well that is US! My husband is a contractor and he is the tile guy. He has been for so many years! I just decided that I should start acknowledging that we also have a tile business, and that all these projects aren’t just for us, but they can be for you also!!!

So I will start sharing all of the wonderful work that we do together, as well as the work that my husband do for his customers. I think that it will be oh so fun!

Now for a little of the new stuff…..

My husband sent me this picture from out local Goodwill, asking me if I wanted it!!! Of Course I was jumping up and down, in excitement!! YES YES YES!

So he brought it home……

This wall is blank, so the new piece will be perfect for additional storage.

This is all the storage I have in my kitchen, along with a huge blank wall.

So here it is, in that space ready to be painted and filled with dishes!

We or should I say I was so full of excitement, but soon ran into a problem,
“Who knew that replacing glass shelving was crazy expensive"……grrrr

So that now explains why this beautiful piece was only $40.00

Stay posted to see what happen……. 

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  1. Thanks for the update. I can't wait to see what you do with your newest piece.



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