Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Around the room....

A few changes have been made, and a lot of ideas have been spewing here lately!  So much so that I have neglected you guys... Sorry!!

I am going to take you on a mini- tour around the bedroom, check it out!


 Yep, this is the bedroom, I am pleased for now, but still want to make more changes!
1. I want to change the carpet out for hardwood
2. I will love to have a headboard one day...lol
3. I am working on window treatments
4. I am always thinking of something to put on these walls (art work)

But hey have you noticed the things that I have done, in here? 
Well lets take a closer look!

 This was the main SHA-BANG! My new light!! This Chandelier has really brought a lot of light and style to the room, I must say!
I love it and she only cost me $4... REMEMBER?
or maybe you remember this?

If not go and check those post out.!
If you have already...... I love you!

The wonderful color of blue has introduced its way into my bedroom.  I really like how the blue compliment the yellow room.

 I almost cant believe the transformation of these night tables...
Before and After Here

Found this leaning mirror at my all time favorite store.
Marshalls!!! For only 100 dollars (love)

Remember I said that I will love to get rid of my box tv and have a flat screen here, well needless to say I only had to mention that to the the hubby once....

My friend said that she LOVED this lamp.. one of my DIY projects that I never wrote about, because I just didn't feel that great about it, so I decided to share it !
I will  post before and after pictures of this lamp .. and maybe even finish it too (ha-ha!)

I do love the rugged look of the shade, but was very IF'ie about it.

My retro clock is a favorite that I found at....You guessed it MARSHALLS
for only 4 dollars!

This is the rug that sit at the foot of my bed, I love the colors and texture that it bring into the space.

This side of the room really dont get a lot of attention, but that bench does, it has gotten so may make overs , I cant count...

Well did you enjoy your mini-tour today?
I think that we are heading in the right direction, with this space, hopefully my list will grow a bit smaller before the year end.


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  1. This room saids come to me when you're ready to relax. Peace is all over this paradise/room.....love it!


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