Saturday, August 13, 2011

Afraid to take a gamble?

I know what it is like to take a risk and buy a lamp, 
or any type of electronic item, second hand and 
not know for sure if it really work! 
I do it all the time. 
Most times I carry a light bulb with me. Just in case I see a lamp that I like.
 I plug it in right there at the store! Even though you can rewire it, 
this is a sure/quick way to know that you are buying a good product!

But what if you come across a Chandelier?

I brought this lamp home taking a $4.00 gamble.

Even though my money is gone, I wanted to check it before hanging it! 
I asked my Daddie, I love this man he is the BOMB.COM!
He know Everything!!! No seriously HE DOES!!

So this is what he told me to do....






No more worries for lamps, and such
 Now for other electronics , such as radios and appliances, 
I stick with Best Buy and Lowes


  1. Simone... I promise I think you are DA BOMB. You always take something from what most would consider nothing. HGTV need to catch on because you deserve your own television show.

  2. Alright now daddy.... love it Mone!!!


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