Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Weekend......

Out Shopping with the Bestie "Kacey",Godson "Trey" and Ida.
We were out all day, hitting up different thrift stores in my city Woodstock!
 I cant believe that I didn't get one picture of Kacey and Trey
WORST Bff &Godmommie Award go to.... SIMONE (sadface)

The whole day I only purchased one wicker basket! 

Yea!! Me!! 

Reason being.... I purchased a few things a few days earlier;
 Love the Vintage looking Chair for the Entry
 Side dresses for the master bedroom

Chairs for the Dining Room! Finally

 Now if you know me personal you know that I love to shop!!
Buying items for less than $10.00 is like icing on the cake!

I do have a fewSNEAK PEAKS for you!
Remember the Vintage Bike?
Still Working on it!

And a few pieces that I listed above!

My kitchen is also UNDER CONSTRUCTION

In the meantime between time my Professional Shopper and I are
always on the look out for new and exciting things!


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