Sunday, August 21, 2011

Writing on the Chair

I am a sucker for a chair!
Especially if I can redo it and make it "POP"!

Had to have this chair, the shape, and the price won me!

Only $7.00!!
And thats the main reason why I keep going back to that store!
If the tag for the week would have been Pink this chair would have been $3.50...
But I still feel that it was a steal for $7.

This is the fabric that I choose....I loved it from the time that I saw it!
I came right home and laid my seat on it and started stapling... When done I flipped it over and 
"Bust out Laughing"!!!!!
I stapled the words reading to the back of the seat, I then started to wonder how was I going to remove all the staples.
For the time being I sat the cushion in the chair and found that it is more BEAUTIFUL, just the way that it is!!
Thats the art of making your own!! Even in error, it can still come out beautiful!

The old books?....

Remember the post of my recent purchases?

That's the scoop....


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  1. I am in love with this chair!!!! You did an amazing job on the redo.


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