Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I heart glass jars

Tackling the  previous unsuccessful tackle! 

I finally got the courage to go ahead and take care of this mess!
 This is the basket that I use to keep my girls hair supplies!
A mess it was, hair bows were everywhere there was no order...

Then I thought of this clever idea to use ziplock bags to store all the ribbons, bands, snaps and beads...
The ziplock bags were great in the beginning, but then I had to shuffle through the mess to find exactly what I was looking for ("red snaps,red snaps,red snaps,red snaps,red snaps....uggggh")
Then the bags started to rip and when I pulled them out the basket, beads and bows would fly all over the place, making this hair combing task a lot more daunting than it already is, being that my daughter screams like I have a knife in my hand instead of a comb!

Hair products, stained the basket liner...thankful it can be washed!

My new organizers!

Yes Really!..... 
I buy jarred spaghetti sauce ( and they make GREAT storage containers) 
Sorry Mom..... :(

I used the windex to soften the glue , and then let the jars soak in soapy hot water 

Then I used some left over chalkboard paint from a previous project , to paint my lids..

I feel So Organized! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
What have you repurposed lately?


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  1. This is what I needed to see because I have a basket right now that looks exactly like yours used to look! Stuff is everywhere! Thanks,'re awesome!


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