Monday, November 19, 2012

I love before and afters

I can sit at my computer and watch transformation after transformation for days on end.

Thats why I feel so proud to present to you my dining room chair redo!

I purchased 4 of these rolling chairs at my local thrift store for a total of 15 bucks!

Bargains, I live for them too!

I initially fell in love with these chairs because they roll.
But I am now considering removing the wheels , or adding a rug to my dining room.
Wheels on hardwood flooring is not the idea dining experience, especially with children.

After removing the cushions and spray painting these, I had to decide which fabric, I wanted to use. 

I wanted to go with a really light color, but not too light, they are dining room chairs after all.
So I came home with this fabric, which I only paid 80 cents for!
The fabric store was going out of business, so they were practically giving this stuff away!

Bargains Bargains!!

In order to be sure that I made the right fabric selection the girls of course had to test its durability.
Shh! Quite while testing….

 After the testing was completed, they each gave their own rating!

After much testing and retesting I was finally able to pull this dining room together.

 See what I mean about the rolling chairs on the bare hardwood floors?
As stated before, I am considering a rug or removing the wheels.
I haven’t decided yet.

What would you do?

Never quite finished but moving along.
Remember before?

and before that !

I am loving the progress, it’s coming along pretty well.

Did you notice that I also removed the arms?


until, next time


  1. I absolutely love your work!!

  2. Wow girly go get you a store,millionaire,what talent

  3. THIS is your "gift", Simone!
    You are so creative! I do feel you could start a business helping others turn old furniture, & transforming it into a beautiful piece of ART!

  4. Wow!! What an amazing gift you have!! You can turn any old rag to riches!! Keep up the great work!! I'm going to try my best to keep up with your blog!! Again, amazing work!!


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