Friday, January 6, 2012


I have children.

My 2 girls go to different schools.

They have to be at school at 7:30 am every morning.  

With that being said, a lot of needed items get left behind, then I have to look into those teary eyes because me "Mommie" forgot something that they need...again!!!, 

So then I "Mommie" end up with a broken heart cause yet again I forgot!  

Driving home all I can see is my children's eyes of disappointment, next thing I am on the phone with my job to inform that I am going to be late again... ,cause 

I "Mommie" have to save the day. 

I rush home grab that blankie, stuffed animal, show and tell project what ever is the much needed item of the day and drive all the way back to my child's school. 

My job can wait, cause I am "Mommie" 1st and everything is 2nd ........right?!?!

Yea thats right!!!

But I "Mommie" hate to FORGET!!!.....AGAIN!

And my children don't hold their tongue to let me know that I forgot either.

Communication is the key but since my children are 5 years and 2 years old,
I have to find a way to communicate with myself. I have tried to get my husband involved, but that didn't work out to well. 

I refuse to be out of the loop, I will be in the know!!

This will be my information wall! 
It is perfect. 
That door on the left lead to the garage, so therefore I look at this wall going out everyday.
See the little bulletin board? Thats what I was planning to use for my information.
But then I ran across this picture in my inspiration file.

centsational girl
And the wheels started to turn.
This is what I came up with.

Yes! I am on my way to a never forgetting again, Mommie!

This is how I did it!
The top board was left over wood from something else.
 We purchased a pack of the planks from Lowes for about $16.00.
I Put this empty frame that I have had forever to good use!
I sprayed painted the frame white, and then stapled the cork to the back of the frame!
Cork was purchased at Micheals $15.00 for the roll of 24in*48in.

I also added these clear bins for the extras!

A 2 day project to a better tomorrow... I hope!
If anything the girls will have a great place to display their lovely art work!

Now thats a piece of art that need to be on display!

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  1. Hey Love, this is awesome. Another thing that I do is I plan by the month so put a calendar up there and write eveything that is going for the month, also you can email the teacher or communicate with them weekly to see what the girls need and put it on the calendar. I know when every project is due, I know what days they will be out of school, I know in advance whats going to happen waaaaaaaay before. I took one day and wrote all dates they will be out of school on a calendar so i want be surprise. Also you can use this for meal planning as well. I have reminders this month to look for camps for this summer(planning ahead is great) You will never have the mistake of forgetting again. You will have to make it a habit to look at the calendar everyday or at night, and maybe even put the things in the car the night before. You also planned for church function, conferences, events anything. Put it on thecalendar so you wont forget or overbook. I love this idea for a communcation wall. I'm going to do one myself so that we all can communicate.


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