Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Happy New Year!

God is preparing a lot of great things for this New Year!


I look forward to what is in store!

I pulled my D&D file, to look for projects that I haven't revealed yet and I could not help but notice
how far my home has come...

Do you remember when.....

My kitchen looked like this!
In 2011 

We also updated the refrigerator and microwave.

I am hopefully in 2012 that we will be able to 
complete the countertops
 add backsplash 
 update the dishwasher and stove
 update the lights 
and add more shelves and or cabinets.

My Inspiration Files:
Centsational Girl 
That last photo I actually printed out and it is sticking on my refrigerator cause I love it sooo much!

Do You Remember When....

My bedroom looked like this?

In 2011

I was so pumped about this transformation, but now that I look back on it...
I really did need some color in this space! Thanks HGTV!

Blue it is!

We also updated all the door knobs.

I am hopefully in 2012 that we will be able to 
 install hardwood flooring
complete my headboard
update window treatments
get the central air fixed
and do something in the master bath and closet!!

My Inspiration Files:



In 2012 I am planning to do a lot more in other areas of my home!
Yea GOD have a lot in store for me this year, and I almost cant wait for 2013 to see how this year turn out, but in the mean time I will enjoy every moment!

Happy New Year!!
With Love,

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