All About Me and My Family

Here I am with my family! We took these photos in the comfort of our home last summer.  As you can see I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls they are the center of my husbands and I world.
Typical Typical Typical…..

We are a crazy family. My husband is from Gambia, Africa. He speak a language that I don’t know and I always think that he is secretly talking about me to his family and friends right in front of my face. I tried so hard to get him to teach our 2 daughters but they only know a few words, like me. They always laugh at him when he speak to them in his tribal language and say that he is "trying to speak spanish”

On fridays we love to eat pizza and watch movies together, on saturdays we usually listen to music really loud and dance with each other around the whole house, and any other day you can find us, picking fun at each other. We have an on going debate of who is the loudest snorer in the family, and I am proud to say that my husband win every single time. But to prove that we are wrong he like to video us sleeping and sometimes snoring and then play it for us over the loud speaker, 
but he is still the champ!! 

We don’t have any pets, my kids are wild enough. But if you ask my husband he will tell you that I am the animal of the family, with all my high demands.

We just like to do stuff ,we started this blog mainly because of that.

My husband is a contractor. We have a small flooring company, that specialize in hardwood, tile, backsplash, and a list of other things.

I am a photographer , I usually do family shoots, small weddings, as well as events.
My love for photography and interior design is what brought me here. so here we are the Sinyan family, doing what we love and trying to create a beautiful space on a budget.


  1. just checking out your blog. love love love it!!! love the pics and your fams is so beautiful. Keep doing what you do cuz your good at it. I cant say that i know Scott McGillivray, drew and johnathan but i can say that i know u. lol. Take care and God bless!!!!

    1. Carlos thank you so very much for your kind words You lifted my heart truly and you are greatly appreciated, and yes you know me even if I end up having HGTV star status you still know me, and I know you!! lol. Thanks again.


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