Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 days till Christmas 2012

It will soon be Christmas 2012! 
All of the shopping is complete and the gifts are wrapped and ready to be placed under the tree!
In this post I want to share my gift wrapping style.

The reason for this is because the 1st set of gifts were wrapped by my husband,

< Insert a picture of confusing looking MAN wrapped gifts  >
(didn’t want to embarrass him he was a trooper)

But, I will share with you the tools that he pulled out to wrap those gifts.

Thats a man for you!

So like I was stating before, I decided to show how I like to wrap gifts, not that mine are that great either, but I am hoping that my husband read this post thru and maybe learn a few new tricks to assist him in his wrapping technique.


Place the gift face down and tape the back of the gift.


Folding the end will give a seamless look when you bring the 2 sides together.


After you have taped the two sides together, now it is time to tuck in those ends. You will want to push in on both sides at the same time.


With the sides pushed in, you will then iron the folds really well, and it should look like this.

The two arrow points will need to meet.


You will then cut the excess of the top fold, not to much but enough to it tape down.


Fold the end of the bottom fold just a little bit to create that seamless look again, no need to tape it.
Bring it up and tape.

After you have completed both ends you should have a perfectly wrapped gift.

Now for the fun part!
Adding the ribbons and bows, there is no right or wrongs just have fun!
Tie it in a knot and tape it!

I usually add pre-made bows that are used for decorations .


Ready to be placed under the tree.

Or wherever you will like to place them…

So happy gift wrapping and don’t forget to listen to Christmas Music to top off the holiday cheer!

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