Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We tried it….

 Notice something different here? Does something seem out of place or a little odd?

My dishwasher, you say?
Good Eye!!

A while ago I bumped into this ..

We bought this paint well over a year ago and just built up the courage to attempt to change our plain white dishwasher into a stainless steel one…….

1.Wipe it down

2. Light sanding

3. 2 coats 

4. Dry 
After allowing it to dry for about 2 hours we, touched it up to give it a smoother look.

I am happy with the results, even though it doesn’t have that shine that you get with stainless steel. But for the time being until I can afford a new dishwasher, I feel that it compliments the kitchen well.

You may ask how does it hold up against the water and heat that the dishwasher produce, and I honestly can’t give you an answer for that. I only use my dishwasher as storage.
I dare not remove it , due to resale value.

Another Before and After!

And a new Kitchen update! Slowly but surely!

Merry Christmas, 
Simone’ Sinyan

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